Rating: T

Warnings: Some crude language and a bit of light almost smut 

Word Count: 2072

Pairing: Markson

A/N: After this, my markson fics will be posted on my kpop blog, jacksnwangs, it’s just too new for posts to show up in the tags yet. 

Jackson is a ray of light, so full of energy it seeps out in thick waves, filling any room he enters. He infects everyone around, bring smiles and good moods to anyone he passes. Constantly cracking dirty jokes and offering way too much information about “little wang”, Jackson apologizes in the form of charming smiles and suave lines, forcing you to forgive him before you even realize he has anything to be sorry for.

He’s outgoing and excitable and everywhere. Sometimes Mark didn’t even notice Jackson doing it until after he had systematically draped his entire body around Mark’s.

Mark never saw it coming.

But he’s glad he caught on when he did.

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GOT7 is getting hate because not only are they good at what they do but also because they’re asthetically pleasing. All of them.